Serious Case Review Sub-Group

The Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Board (MKSCB) Serious Case Review (SCR) sub-group ensures effective arrangements are in place to determine when to hold a serious case review.

Regulation 5 of Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) Regulations 2006 requires LSCBs to undertake reviews of serious cases, in accordance with the procedures contained in HM Government document Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015. MKSCB Serious Case review Subgroup is in place to ensure that MKSCB adheres to this regulation.

The Serious Case review sub-group’s Terms of Reference: SCR subgroup Terms of Reference 2015

How do MKSCB SCR Subgroup consider cases for SCR or for a Learning review?

All MKSCB partner agencies, should ensure that serious incidents which may meet the criteria for a serious case review (See above link to Working Together 2015), or other type of learning/review, are referred to the Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Board SCR sub-group for consideration.

Anyone can refer a case to the MKSCB SCR subgroup for consideration. Before making a referral, the refer should discuss the case, and their reasons for referring with their agency designated safeguarding lead/officer and/or the MKSCB Business Manager.

The referral form for MK SCR subgroup can be downloaded here: SCR referral form
Working Together 2015 provides clear criteria about when MKSCB should conduct a Serious Case Review (SCR).
However the MKSCB Serious Case Review sub-group also considers cases for other types of learning review (details of these types of review can be found on the SCR referral form). If you feel a case would benefit from review please use the same form.

Please return any completed SCR referral forms to:
Galley Hill Centre,
Galley Hill,
Milton Keynes
MK11 1PA

Once the case has been received by the MKSCB Business office, agencies identified as being involved with the case may be contacted to supply further information to help inform the decision making process.

The referrer and the agencies contacted as part of this process will be contacted with the outcome of the referral.

The MKSCB Serious Case Review sub-group has developed a toolkit to support and assist all those who may be involved in the serious case review process or an alternative learning review.  To download a copy click here:  Approved MKSCB SCR process practice guidance_revised March 2016


MKSCB Serious Case reviews and Learning Reviews

  • report 90x90Multi Agency Learning Review

In January 2013 the MKSCB Multi-Agency Review on Child C was presented to the MKSCB.

The overview report can be downloaded here: Child C Multi-Agency Review Report


report 90x90Serious Case Reviews

In January 2016 the MKSCB Serious Case Review on Child A was presented to the MKSCB.

The overview report can be downloaded here: Child A Serious Case Review Report


Learning from National and Local SCR  

report 90x90MKSCB Learning Bulletin produced by the Serious Case Review Subgroup quarterly and shared with partner agencies for dissemination with their teams.

NSPCC National SCR Repository -All published Serious Case Review reports are made available via the NSPCC’s national repository. The repository can be accessed via this link: NSPCC National Repository

report 90x90Ofsted SCR Reports – Ofsted released a thematic review report ‘The Voice of the Child’ which can be downloaded here: Ofsted Report: The Voice of the Child
A summary document is also available to download: Ofsted thematic report summary

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