MKSCB established a multi-agency Neglect Task and Finish Group in November 2015. Their Terms of Reference are detailed below:

  1. Develop and implement an inter-agency statement and tool kit to address neglect and deliver sustainable change to improve outcomes for those affected by neglect beyond the life span of the ‘task-and-finish’ group.
  2. Use a ‘task-and-finish’ approach to mobilise improvements and to combine and co-ordinate expertise from partner agencies and our local communities.
  3. At an appropriate point, in consultation with the MKSCB Chair and relevant sub-groups, ensure that this work becomes MKSCB “business as usual”, with robust arrangements to implement and monitor any outstanding elements of the action plan.
  4. Evaluate the ongoing impact of multi-agency work to identify and tackle neglect in Milton Keynes.

 The document below summarises Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Boards (MKSCB) approach to tackling Neglect.

MKSCB Neglect Statement Published 2016

Please also find below our Neglect Screening Tool published in June 2016.

MKSCB Neglect Screening Tool

The MKSCB neglect Task and Finish group has now finished and any outstanding actions from our original directive will be addressed in the wider work of MKSCB, in line with our MKSCB Business Plan 2016-2017 priority 5 – To scope and develop a refreshed approach to the  provision of coordinated early help across the system to ensure services and joint partnerships will recognise and respond to the needs of ‘the child behind the adult and adult behind the child’

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